Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have many companies reaching me why should I look into Expedent as capable partner than others?

    Expedent doesn’t believe in number of Clients we have but does all our best to be the top partner of our customer. In short we have limited clients! We aren’t like other staffing partner who randomly reaches you for partnership. If we reached you that means we have understood your business and needs. We believe in industry practice recruiting model and confident that our current practice recruiting model will be add on to your business.
    We don’t have general recruiter’s. We have recruiters as per practice model and each practice department has separate SME who trains and updates recruiters.
    Try us for your 5 Hiring if we don’t provide you the best in class resumes for most reasonable rate (Better rate than other partners). We won’t be eligible for your partnership.
  • How can I trust that Expedent is giving me better rate?

    We have 400 + Workforce Contingent with large pool of W2 Consultants. By working with Expedent directly you are working with an organization who isn’t contracting your role to other partners. We have been in continuous W2 hiring process. Large number of recent hires are Citizens. Submitting our w2 employee’s directly to your organization will avoid the middle contractor margin.
    Also, Expedent is very transparent about its business with contractors. We have strict policy of not having margin of more than 15% on single contract which makes both Customer and Consultant happy.
  • Are all recruiters Operate From Offshore?

    No, we have our offices in NJ and TX and have BDM’s working from these locations. We have satellite office’s at different client locations and have recruitment and immigration team operating form local USA offices. YES, most of the first level recruitment team is based of India but they are world class. 40% of our Recruiters are AIRS certified and 56% are Linked-in certified recruitment specialists.
  • How I know Im getting a candidate who can do job?

    All of the Expedent Management are Six Sigma Certified and we understand the value of Quality than any other. Adhering to our Quality standards and certifications we have made our recruitment process a complete quality centric process where a candidate has to come through 4 different steps before getting presented to Customers.
    1.High end screening by our Technical recruiter presenting point by point explanation on requirement
    2.Technical screening by 15+ YRS consultants
    3.Conducting Pre-BGV on consultant’s experience.
  • Switch and baite how do you resolve my current issue?

    Expedent understands the value of genuine resources and our existing customers have appreciated us for innovative actions to avoid Switch and bate. (More than happy to give client reference)
    We do only W2 hiring’s. Submit Initial BGV report along with resume. Submit Recorded Video call of consultant and many more steps to avoid Switch and Bate.